Nutrition & lifestyle support for those with diagnosed medical conditions, illnesses or symptoms

Are you fed up with not feeling your best? Do you have symptoms that you can’t shift? Or a medical condition affecting your quality of life? Or maybe you’d like your glow and life energy back?
As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I can help you be your best you. I’ll work with you to establish the root cause of your difficulties, and support you back to health and wellness with an individualised, evidence based, nutrition and lifestyle plan. I know making changes can be hard, with professional help and support you can do it!
What to expect


Prior to initial consultation there is a health and lifestyle questionnaire for you to complete so that I can begin to understand your concerns and needs. During the initial consultation we will explore this further, and a nutrition and lifestyle plan will be devised specifically for you and your needs. Dependent on the consultation type or package booked your progress will be reviewed during the following session(s).
Initial consultations last for 1 hour, and can be in person (dependent upon location) or online via video link.
You can book a one off consultation, or select a 3 or 6 month package. Click here for current prices.
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Nutritional Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment. Always discuss any health concerns with your GP. Cogsnutrition will work alongside your medical care providers.

Online or in-person consultations, Warrington, St Helens

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